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With degrees in Engineering, Marketing & Finance that helped him get a high paying job with a multi billion dollar technology company, Rishal believed he was on the way to lead a comfortable life and retire in peace. Little did he know that his comfort and safety would come crashing down in form of PTSD and Panic Attacks. The organization he worked for asked him to resign from his job because he was unable to be a regular at work thanks to his condition. ​

When months of consultations and treatments with doctors and psychologists couldn't help him a bit with his condition, Rishal had given up every hope of being even alive in the next 6 months. That is when he met his Life Coach, who didn't just help him with his depression, but also taught him to have a purpose in his life.

During his last consultation, Rishal asked his coach 'what could I do for you in return for saving my life?'. Coach replied, "I know you are into marketing. Can you help me get more clients online?"

What followed was a relentless research phase about online marketing in general and that is when Rishal stumbled upon 'FUNNELS'. Boy, he was hooked! He couldn't stop learning about funnels even if he tried.

He built a sales funnel for his life coach which he uses to this date. 

Today, Rishal is the Kartra expert whom other Kartra experts go to when they need help with their funnels. 

For the past  5 years Rishal has been designing sales funnels for entrepreneurs and marketers.

With his help, clients have generated multiple seven figure funnels, sold out live events, maxed out webinars and have grown multi-million dollar businesses in record time.

With Kartra as his go to tool, he now helps clients achieve even greater success with funnel designs that are massively lifting conversion rates across the board whilst maintaining a brand and design that’s top-of-industry.

If you’re looking for a Kartra funnel that beats conversion targets and is built by a reliable, experienced funnel designer with proven track record of creating high converting funnels in Kartra, then you are at the right place.

Rishal, you are one of few that I've met who destroys excuses, bypasses doubts and hurdles by any means. I am honored to be your friend and see your journey unfold. Your story is inspirational and your energy infectious! Love you man!

Jonathan Finley

Funnel Builders Society

Woohoo. Awesome work Rishal. I can vouch for Rishal's expertise and how great he is to work with.

Louise Henry

Rishal Muhammed is the BOMB! Can't wait for my funnels to be done.

Julie Burke

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